Jam-Packed and Oh-So-Joyful – our concert in aid of Refuge

(by alto, Kate Slater)

At the end of March, we held a concert to raise money for Refuge at Wade Street Church, as part of my fundraising efforts for this year’s London Marathon.

I always think every concert is the best ever, but this time I’m fairly certain it wasn’t just me on a hallelujah-fuelled high, because so many of the choir (and, most importantly, Themba) said they thought so too! We sold out of tickets (there was even a waiting list on the door), we received an almost complete standing ovation and we raised a HUGE £1609.78 for Refuge – more than I dreamed possible. The energy and focus in the choir was incredible and the audience were fantastic. I’ve never felt prouder to be part of LGC.

While I have the chance, I’m going to repeat what I said on the night and just say thank you everyone in this wonderful choir for being so brilliant. Every year I’ve run the marathon for Refuge (2019 will be my third), they’ve cheered me on and sponsored me and really been the best support team I could possibly ask for. It is such a joy to sing with them every week and, as corny as it sounds, they really do feel like a huge extended family.

Here’s a little bit of our encore, This Little Light, which I think sums up the evening!

There are a few more photos and videos on the website, and quite a lot more on Facebook.

One final thank you to everyone who helped bring such a fantastic night together, I really couldn’t have done it without you!

2019-03-30 Wade Street for REFUGE S29600-sharpen